Lake Casitas Rowing Association

Lake Casitas Rowing Association (LCRA) is located in Ventura County and offers rowing
lessons and competitive youth rowing teams to the Ventura County region. This is the only
youth rowing program in the area. Lake Casitas served as the host site for the rowing and
canoeing events in the 1984 Olympic Games. The organization works with local middle schools
and high schools to find prospective participants. The local schools bring their PE classes to the
lake to participate and learn about the program. They also offer a free “learn to row” day which
gives prospective youth a chance to row and be exposed to the program.

Today, the LCRA respects the history of the lake as an Olympic venue, and also honors its
purpose as an environmental sanctuary and important reservoir for Southern California. They
work to continue that legacy by offering competitive rowing programs to middle school and high
school youth from 13 to 17 years of age. These programs run annually from August to May. The
programs practice Tuesday through Saturday and participate in monthly races against other
programs on a local and national scale.