Grantee Final Report

Grantees can submit their final report by completing the form below. Please check your spam folder for confirmation notices.

Please be sure you respond for the ENTIRE GRANT YEAR.

If you would prefer to fill out your report offline, please download this version of the form (DOC) and then send it to the LA84 Foundation through regular mail or fax.

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    This is your opportunity to tell how this grant has enriched the experiences of your program.

    What other grantees have said:

    • "New uniforms have increased the self-esteem of our youth."

    • "We were able to pay for a field that was convenient and accessible to families."

    • "We were able to increase the number of players by providing scholarships."

    • "The coach that we hired with your funding has made a tremendous impact on the program and has increased the structure and skill level of the entire team."
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  • Thank you in advance for your work on this report. We are happy to be partners with you in serving youth through sport.

    -- LA84 Foundation Staff

Due to the fires raging throughout the region and the resulting air quality, the LA84 Foundation’s 2017 Run4Fun Festival has been canceled.


The event was previously scheduled to take place this Saturday, December 9 at Cal State LA. Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected by this ongoing emergency.


This isn’t a decision we make lightly. We know how hard all 1,200 students from 31 schools trained for this event, and all of us have been looking forward to this big day.


We will be sending each school the t-shirts and water bottles that students would have received Saturday, and during the months ahead, we will be in touch regarding the date for the December 2018 Run4Fun Festival.


Please stay safe.