LA84 Football Programs Mentioned in Wall Street Journal

The Los Angeles Rams are professional football’s return to the nation’s second-most populous metro area, but it is not as if football has been nonexistent in LA since the Rams and Raiders left in 1995. LA84 has been supporting football programs before and during that entire 21-year stretch, as noted in a Wall Street Journal article:

Undoubtedly, Los Angeles has top-grade football bones. High schools such as Long Beach Poly and Dorsey have long been hotbeds for future NFL talent. The LA84 Foundation, which finances youth sports with profits leftover from the 1984 Summer Olympics, has helped finance 14 tackle football programs in the region. A recent survey from the foundation showed the rate of teen participation in football is roughly twice the national average.

Written by Matthew Futterman, who has also written a book about 1984 gold medalist and Olympic pioneer Edwin Moses, the article dissects the Rams’ first season back in Los Angeles. The full article can be found here: