LA84 Hosts Book Talk On Stella Walsh

The LA84 Foundation hosted a book talk on Wednesday night, with author Sheldon Anderson discussing his title, The Forgotten Legacy of Stella Walsh: The Greatest Female Athlete of Her Time. Walsh was a record-setting Track & Field Olympian, who won gold in the 100-meter dash at the 1932 Games in Los Angeles and took silver four years later in Berlin. 

Anderson discussed her upbringing in Cleveland, Ohio, her rise through the amateur ranks into a world-setting sprinter, her Olympic successes, her later life, and answered the question about Walsh’s off-disputed biological gender. 

The LA84 Foundation showcased its memorabilia from Walsh’s career, including a pair of her cleats and medals from her various titles. Learn more about the LA84 archives here

Anderson’s book can be purchased on Amazon

  • Website cover photo
    Anderson showcasing his new book.
  • Stella Walsh 2 007
    A jacket and beret worn by Walsh.
  • LA84 Hosts Book Talk On Stella Walsh
    A pair of Walsh’s cleats.
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    One of Walsh’s award certificates on display at the book talk.
  • LA84 Hosts Book Talk On Stella Walsh
    Anderson speaking to the crowd at LA84 about his book.