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LA84 Grantmaking
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

***NOTE: Grant portal maintenance is scheduled 6/21-6/30/2024 and will reopen 7/1/2024***

1) Are there deadlines for grant applications?
The LA84 Foundation accepts applications in the form of a letter of interest (LOI) through our online grant portal.  There are two types of grants, small and large.

2) What’s the difference?
Small grants are requests at $10,000 and under. Small grants are awarded between February and November.

Large grants are requests above $10,000. There are two large grant cycles each year that typically open in March and July. There are two stages of the large grant application: 1) Eligibility/LOI stage and 2) Application/Proposal stage. Your organization will be notified within three weeks if you are invited to the application stage.

For consideration of a large grant in July 2024, the LOI submission period is July 1 to July 19, 2024.

The online application form is available on the LA84’s Grants page.

3) Can you send me an application?
The online application form is available on the LA84’s Grants page.

4) Are grant guidelines available?
Grant guidelines are available on LA84’s Grants page.

5) Can we meet with someone to discuss a possible proposal?
We have a small but mighty staff and as a result, it is difficult for staff to meet with every interested applicant prior to the submission of a grant request. However if your request is advanced to the proposal stage a member of the grants staff will contact you throughout the proposal process.  If you have thoroughly reviewed the website and still have questions, you may call the Foundation and speak to one of our program staff

6) How long does it take to approve a grant?
The entire application and approval process generally happens within 3-6 months.

7) What is the average grant award?
The majority of grants that are made are $10,000 or less. However, we also make larger grants.

8) Do you fund general operating expenses?
The Foundation very rarely funds general operating expenses.

9) Do you give grants to individuals?

10) Do you give grants to organizations outside of Southern California?
LA84 funds programs and activities located in Southern California. The headquarters may be located outside of Southern California.

11) When and how will I know if my proposal has been accepted or rejected?
All applicants receive email communication regarding the status of their application.

12) If my application was declined, can I reapply?
Yes. We ask that you reach out to the foundation to understand more clearly the rationale for declination so further requests can be informed by that conversation.

13) Our application was declined. Can you tell us why?
The grant process is highly competitive and LA84 received many more requests than we could support. LA84 has prioritized has limited resources and the grant process is highly competitive. LA84 Foundation prioritize programs and organizations that align with our mission and  current funding priorities.

14) Can you help us write the application?
We do not provide help with completing the application. Resources that might be helpful include the Center for Nonprofit Management or The Grantsmanship Center. Another option is Project Grantsmanship, which underwrites up to 90 percent of the Grantsmanship Training Program.

15) We are a new organization and don’t yet have 501(c)(3) status. May we still apply?
We do not award grants to organizations without nonprofit status.  Please wait until the 501(c)(3) status is conferred before applying for funding. An alternate option may be partnering with an organization that would agree to serve as a “fiscal agent” for your request.

16) Are there areas in which you don’t make grants?
Funding is not provided for the following requests: direct aid to individuals; sectarian, religious or fraternal purposes; federated fundraising appeals; or support of candidates for political office.

17) Does the LA84 Foundation grant money to commercial businesses?
No, the Foundation does not fund for-profit organizations or businesses.

18) Is a site visit required?
If this is the first time you are being considered for a grant we do require a site visit to be conducted.

19) Do you fund scholarships?
Fellowship and scholarship support is provided only to nonprofits; individuals are not eligible to apply for scholarships directly.

20) How many grants are awarded each year?
Approximately 90.

21) Does the Foundation award multi-year funding?
Not at this time.

22) If we are awarded a grant, how do we submit reports?
Reports are submitted through the LA84 grants portal, which can be found here. Login credentials are the same as were used when  the application was submitted.

23) How soon can we reapply for another grant?
Your organization may apply for another grant after your grant has concluded and a final report has been submitted.  For organizations that have received grants in the past please note there is no longer a “sit out” period.

24) Can we report early?
If your project concludes before the end of your full grant cycle, you may submit a final report early.

25) If we are a returning grantee, do we have to go through the same application process?

26) Do you fund sport camps or sport clinics?
In general, youth sports camps and one-time clinics are not a priority area for foundation grant funding.

27) How do you define “structured play”? 
The LA84 Foundation uses the definition from The Aspen Institute to define “structured play” as “rule-governed and externally structured physical activities involving competition or challenges that call for specific physical skills and strategies to achieve goals”.

28) Do you fund physical education during the school day?
If your organization has developed a “structured play” curriculum that supplements the existing physical education program and has paid staff or volunteers delivering the program at more than one school, we can consider your request.

29) Do you fund elite or club sports?
The LA84 Foundation prioritizes funding for those programs that promote exposure and exploration of sports for youth. The Foundation also prioritizes programming that is free or very low cost. Because club and elite level sports tend to focus on specialization rather than fundamentals, and fees for these programs tend to be significant the foundation has not focused its funding on these programs.