LA84 Foundation Awards Nearly $1 Million in Grants to Youth Sports Programs in Southern California

LOS ANGELES  – The LA84 Foundation announces nearly $1 million in grants to Southern California school-based and community youth sports organizations for its November grant cycle. In 2018, LA84 has awarded nearly $3.5 million in grants and programs, giving over 100,000 children access to sports this year. The LA84 Foundation’s goal, play for all, aims to get every child life ready through sports, regardless of zip code.  Many of these grants reflect the LA84 Foundation’s commitment to dealing with a crisis that is hiding in plain sight – that not all kids have equal access to sport and structured play.

“Play For All is about including all kids in this movement,” said Renata Simril, LA84 Foundation President and CEO. “Whether that’s nontraditional sports for girls, or team sports for kids with physical disabilities, we seek community partners who are thinking about expanding sports opportunities in a multitude of new ways.”

So, how are LA84’s grantees supporting the community?

A $172,000 grant will help THINK (Teaching, Helping, Inspiring & Nurturing Kids) Together provide free competitive afterschool sports programs to over 5,300 middle school students at 48 public schools in underserved communities in Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties. The organization offers 10-week seasonal sports beginning with boy’s flag football and girls’ volleyball program in the fall, a 10-week basketball program for boys and girls in the winter, and a 10-week boys and girls soccer program in the spring. Each seasonal sport consists of intramural programs where students compete at the school sites during afterschool hours. The sports program serves an average of 110 students per site. The afterschool enrichment program incorporates sports programs as a pathway to success through college and career. Priorities include building life-skills, promoting social and emotional development as well as college readiness.

For the Adaptive Sports and Recreation Association, a $25,000 grant will fund their wheelchair basketball and wheelchair tennis programs. Adaptive Sports and Recreation Association is the only organization in San Diego that offers year-round, ongoing sports leagues and programs that serve youth ages 4-17 with permanent physical disabilities. Opportunities for youth in this community are very limited. The goal for this program is to provide individuals with physical disabilities equal opportunity to engage in sports and recreation and reap the benefits of improved academics, increased self-confidence as well as a sense of belonging, and reduction in social isolation.

Over at Youth N’ Motion Academy (YNMA) a $24,500 grant will help to fund their after-school martial arts and archery program.  Youth N’ Motion Academy primarily serves youth ages 5-18 of all backgrounds who reside in under-represented areas of Los Angeles.  It is the organization’s mission to help develop youth physically, emotionally and socially utilizing martial arts (karate, Jiu-Jitsu) to instill discipline, coordination, fitness, body strength, self-defense, respect, leadership, self-confidence, self-control, self-esteem, and overall positive character. Youth learn their martial arts skills and competitive techniques from experts in the field who support them along the way both as martial artists and mentors. The LA84 Foundation’s funding helps keep a viable, culturally responsive program affordable and open for youth who may not be interested in popular team sports such as basketball or football.  Most of the youth served are unable to access any type of archery course or afford the cost of private martial arts classes.

Additionally, the following organizations also received grants from the LA84 Foundation:

  • Boys & Girls Club of Fullerton
  • Boys & Girls Club of Greater Redlands-Riverside
  • Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Los Angeles
  • Coaching Corps
  • Connie Cycling Foundation
  • Heart of Los Angeles Youth, Inc.
  • Los Angeles Parks Foundation
  • F. Breese Foundation
  • REINS Therapeutic Horsemanship
  • SCGA Junior Golf Foundation
  • Special Olympics – Southern California
  • Team Prime Time
  • THINK Together
  • Topanga Police Youth Board
  • Why Can’t We Make a Difference
  • Youth N’ Motion Academy Incorporated

About the LA84 Foundation

The LA84 Foundation is a nationally recognized leader in support of youth sport programs and public education about the role of sports in positive youth development. The foundation, with 30 years of on-the-ground experience, has supported thousands of Southern California youth sports organizations through grant making, while also training coaches, commissioning research, convening conferences and acting as a national thought leader on important youth sports issues. LA84 levels the playing field to ensure play equity so that sport is accessible to all children, while elevating the field of youth sports as an integral part of American life. To learn more and join the #PlayForAll movement, visit and @LA84Foundation on Twitter and Instagram.