2016 LA84 Summit

2016 LA84 Summit


On October 27, 2016, LA84 hosted over 400 civic leaders, sports industry executives, top athletes and difference-makers in the youth sports sphere at its 5th Annual Summit. Themed PLAYING FORWARD: The Present and Future of Youth Sports, the Summit highlighted the foundation’s commitment to leveling the playing field and reinforcing the importance of youth sports. Speakers included Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, Los Angeles Kings President Luc Robitaille and Chairman of the LA 2024 Bid Committee Casey Wasserman, as well as Olympians Janet Evans, Ibtihaj Muhammad and Gary Hall Jr. among others. See highlights, event information, and learn more about the Summit below.


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Stories from the Rio Olympics

Four 2016 Olympians and Paralympians share their journeys.

Lex Gillette Sings the National Anthem

The Paralympic star shows off another incredible talent.

Voices from the Field

Five young athletes tackle the biggest issues in youth sports.

The Olympic Effect

LA 2024 leaders discuss the Olympic impact on youth sports.

The Olympic Effect

LA 2024 leaders discuss the Olympic impact on youth sports.

Elevating the Field of Youth Sports

LA84 President & CEO Renata Simril speaks about LA84’s new path.


Thank you to all those that helped make the Summit possible!

Stories from the Summit